descriptionList Linux processes in a tree based on aggregated resource values. Eg.: Build a process tree based on memory or cpu usage.
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last changeFri, 3 Feb 2017 21:14:57 +0000 (22:14 +0100)
2017-02-03 J.P. HendrixSubstantial rewrite. The tree structure is no longer... master
2017-02-01 J.P. HendrixNew recurse_accumulate() and some temporary notes.
2017-01-30 J.P. HendrixMoved extra stats from the recursive function to the...
2017-01-28 J.P. HendrixAdded comments, small fixes.
2017-01-28 J.P. HendrixAdded oom_score
2017-01-26 J.P. HendrixCorrectly round when normalizing.\n
2017-01-26 J.P. HendrixAdded -n for normalizing the numbers.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixAdded thousands separator to the output values.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixAdded -d for depth command line option.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixDetermined field width for PID from kernel setting.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixFixed terminal width check.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixFixed the header after last commit.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixHacked padding to align the tree right side with the...
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixUpdated the README file with examples.
2017-01-22 J.P. HendrixDraw the tree, the branches. It works, but should be...
2017-01-16 J.P. HendrixAdd a threshold to the -z parameter.
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