descriptionAggregate IP subnets/ranges to optimized list of subnets.
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last changeSat, 2 Jan 2016 08:12:01 +0000 (09:12 +0100)
2016-01-02 J. HendrixFixed ranges in the internal database being overwritten... master
2015-11-28 J. HendrixFixed CIDR begin of range.
2015-11-28 J. HendrixFixed count for deaggregate
2015-11-28 J. HendrixFixed statistics for deaggregate
2015-11-28 J. HendrixAdded sensible exit code for --search
2015-11-28 J. HendrixAdded '--deaggregate'
2013-11-16 J. HendrixAdded --search to identify a subnet to which a given...
2013-10-20 J. HendrixOriginal version
3 years ago master